因为这很容易,gratifying and thrilling to make your own pizza!These are my reasons for making my own.People自己做东西的人会担保的。Apart from the looks of appreciation and delight you receive from your folks,which in my humble opinion should be reason enough to make a pizza at home,a pizza made at home from scratch scores on many fronts.

就像我喜欢一个滚烫的比萨饼一样,它在我断开电话半小时内就到了,I'm always skeptical if not uncomfortable about the ingredients used.It is definitely not something that I would dare to eat often.

但是当我在家做披萨的时候,I'm in total control of what goes into its making.有机小麦粉,healthy vegetables and fresh cheese that I use ensure a fret-free bite.

I made my first pizza from the book素食佳肴在测试了许多酵母粉组合后,我得出了下面给出的配方。

我表哥的来访紧接着她妹妹又来了,她正好是我6个半月大的另一个超级粉丝。拉沙和妹妹维迪卡聊了一整天哈利瓦什和他的滑稽动作。When Vedika's study holidays were announced no one could stop her from visiting to see her nephew,in her own words.

Vedika is a huge fan of pizza and I had to make some for her.我用了红黄相间的甜椒片,tomatoes,橄榄和马苏里拉干酪,撒上一些干牛至和胡椒粉,ingredients that were available on hand.吠陀喜欢她每一口比萨,我很喜欢为她做。

Simple Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

这是一个多用途的比萨面团,你可以使用任何新鲜蔬菜的组合,如甜椒,西葫芦,tomatoes,等。外壳又脆又薄。对于上图中的比萨饼,我用了红黄相间的甜椒片,tomatoes,橄榄和马苏里拉奶酪,撒上一些干牛至和胡椒粉。You can also make mini pizzas out of this dough and serve them as starters.


210 gm (1 ½ cups) plain flour




1 tsp salt

125 ml(1/2 cup) lukewarm water

¾ tsp sugar



In a bowl,加糖,酵母和水,静置10分钟或直到起泡。

Sift the flour (or flours if using a combination of whole wheat flour and plain flour) and the salt in a large bowl,make a well in the centre,add the yeast mixture and the oil and mix into a firm dough.Knead briefly until the dough is smooth and elastic,about a minute or two.Place the dough in an oiled bowl,盖上盖子,在温暖的地方呆上一两个小时,直到它的尺寸加倍。

Punch the dough until it is reduced in size,knead into a small ball.把烤箱预热到最高温度,about 250 degree centigrade(475 degree F or gas mark 9) and on a lightly floured surface,滚成大约10英寸base.

Carefully transfer the rolled pizza dough to a lightly oiled/greased baking sheet or pizza stone.如果需要的话,可以撒上番茄酱,再撒上你喜欢的配料,而不是披萨。leaving a 1/4"边缘周围的边界。Toss in some good cheese for added measure.🙂

Bake it for about 10 minutes,until the edges are nicely browned and the pizza looks irresistible.

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59 thoughts on""简单的自制披萨面团""

  1. 阿努阿卡!you put the pizzz up =)…Looks as delicious as it tasted…..Amazing pics..谢谢你把它放起来……现在我可以在我的洞里做披萨了,我会像你告诉我的那样尝试不同的配料。

  2. I honestly did not know that it was so easy to prepare the dough,就像我们亲爱的老罗蒂。The pizza in the pic looks awesomely yummy!Could you pls pass on the recipe for baking it in the oven.我知道我可以在网上找到很多,但你的肯定是完美的!🙂

  3. Thank you everybody.

    普里蒂:你的评论总是很受欢迎,并被证明是一个很好的反馈。Its nice to know that someone out there cooks out of your recipes.我在食谱中做了额外的笔记。Hope it satisfies your curiosity.🙂

  4. 我和妈妈在女儿节去托斯卡纳,只吃比萨饼。We were so stuffed,比萨店有正宗的木烧比萨,所以,so good.
    我们一直想在家做披萨,but kept forgetting!I've made it before in school and loved it.Going to try it out one of these days;your recipe for sure,because if something goes wrong,I'll have my solution a ring away 🙂

    p.s: Honestly,烘焙是我最不喜欢的烹饪方式,but cakes,布朗尼和一个饥饿的兄弟别无选择!!

  5. ChronicPink: I'm a big fan of wood-fired pizzas too.Nothing can replicate the smoky flavours of an wood fired oven.但是在家做比萨饼有它自己的魅力。如果你决定试一试,我相信你会成为一个皈依者。

  6. 真的,这看起来很诱人。百胜!!
    I only look at the pics these days.Recipes and ingredients seem of no use or interest to me 😛 for this year…
    Cant wait to make this for this person called 'Mihir'.

  7. 安努,
    像往常一样,ur pizza looks great.看到你的披萨,我想起了我在庄园里做披萨的时候。Unfortunately I have misplaced the recipie of the pizza because of all the shifting from one place to another.然而,我现在不必担心,因为我可爱的小侄女,已经成长为一个出色的母亲,现在又出来了一个更好的独奏会。
    做得好!Must really try it out.

  8. 我同意,nothing beats homemade pizza.你的看起来棒极了。I feel inspired to make some this weekend!!!!

  9. Hey!!!You posted the recipe 🙂 Thank you so very much.本周将在家试一试。And yes,I try almost everything that you post up here 🙂 I still make that pudina veg biryani i learnt from you in Mumbai,it comes out awesome each and every time..

  10. I tried it and it was a super hit at dinner time the first time.所以,a little confident me 😛 tried a few things the second time… wanted to share them here… 1.我没有比萨饼盘,所以我把面团放在一个圆形的手工箔纸里,按照指示烘焙,非常完美。我还刷了一些橄榄油在面团上,然后我把它扔进烤箱…结果-一个稍微棕色,脆脆的披萨面,我们都喜欢…因为我做得更好!🙂

  11. Yum!!我的家人昨天吃了一顿丰盛的晚餐,多亏了你——自制披萨和巧克力蛋糊!and there are so many more recipes to try 🙂

  12. I've used this recipe for making homemade pizza for my girlfriend and I.它总是很美味。我们确实发现,however,外壳经常有点厚,有时尝起来有点陈腐。有没有人有什么小窍门能让你更轻松些?更新鲜的面团。Perhaps add more yeast?Or,maybe I'm over kneading the dough?I'm just not sure….

  13. 安努ur website is a boon to me.我一直在寻找一个好的素食烹饪博客。你创造了奇迹!!

    一个疑问,我能用同样的烘焙方法吗?if its an electric oven?because thats what i have

  14. Joe: 🙂 I'm happy that you feel this way about divinetaste.你说的电烤箱是什么意思?The baking methods remain more or less the same for all ovens except a microwave oven.

  15. Hi..
    Ur recipe for pizza base sounds good.Do let me know how many pizza bases can i make with the measurements that uve given.Presume each base is of the size that u've shown.
    Secondly,would it be possible for you to give a good recipe of Pizza Sauce.我觉得自制的披萨酱果酱真的很神奇。期待美国的消息。

  16. add in ginger garlic paste and pepper powder and chilly flake bought from the thailand shop for $1 gratted mozzerall cheese and cheese powder and tuna one can of cream of mushrom soup and chopped capsicum and onion paste and salr

  17. Hi
    在网上浏览无蛋烹饪时,无意中发现了你的网站,说实话,我是在读了一些食谱后迷上的。They're all wonderful.TKS。
    我想对这个比萨饼的食谱发表评论。我吃了很多披萨,easy,满足和快速,我总是自己做。I found out in my recipes that if you roll them on semolina they come out better.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Tried your pizza recipe yesterday and it was simply super!!It tasted just like the pizzas we had when we were living in France.My husband and his friends have now decided that they will no more go out to restaurants for pizzas 🙂

  19. 嗨,Abetway必威台球nushruti,,

    I just happened to come by your blog in search of a vegetarian 必威冰上曲棍球strawberry cheesecake recipe.Great collection of recipes you have here!!!
    Just a couple of queries… I do try to bake breads occasionally (with little success though)..I am worried about the yeast I use.What brand do you use?Blue Bird or something else?我住在孟买。

    It would be great if you could reply!!


  20. I just made pizza for the first time using this recipe and it was delicious!!

    Thank you so much for your recipes,他们总是表现得很出色!I also love your basic eggless cake recipe 🙂


  21. Hi Anu u are truely a devine one,i just love each and every one of ur recipes.yesterday i made a pizza from a dough i get from vah chef it was a ferfect one i sprinkle the bottom of the pan with corn flour(not fine like flour but a bit course like semolina it gives the crust a different taste.i will surely try this one the next time i bake.my husband love the devine taste from the recipies u have as we are vegetarians.please add more recipies when u get time like dosa,萨莫萨杰利比拉斯古拉gulab jamoon,瓦达peda and there are so much more but i know it takes time .i love to try it ur way.thanks

  22. 嗨,安努,我试过你的披萨面团食谱,真是太棒了!everyone at home assumed i bought the dough and were truly surprised that i had made it from scratch.在厨房里保持你神奇的方式!!

  23. Dear Anu,,



  24. Howdy!I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great information
    你就在这篇文章里。I might be coming back

  25. Thanks to you ive stopped eating pizza outside because i can make my own!尝试,测试并喜欢它!!

  26. 你好,阿努什betway必威台球鲁蒂,the baking should be done in bottom rack or centre rack?And the heating should be both or bottom only?这是一个非常简单的食谱,I want to try 🙂 ..Thank u.

  27. Greetings!我已经跟踪你的网站很久了,终于


  28. 嗨,Abetway必威台球nushruti,,
    Tried this recipe.Came out amazing.Thanks for the same.Just a little query.The pizza was soggy in the small portion at center while rest of it was perfect.你知道为什么吗??

  29. Thanks betway必威台球Anushruti.You are absolutely right.That is the mistake I made.再次感谢。

  30. 亲爱的阿奴,我可以用速溶酵母代替活性干酵母吗??
    If so what is the quantity for this recipe?谢谢

  31. Hi betway必威台球Anushruti
    我试过这个比萨饼的食谱,我遇到了一些麻烦。Need your help.

    problem : pizza base did not fluff and didnot cook…it cooked only 1 inch inside from the sides and the rest was pretty much uncooked from the inside.

    Few observations
    1。when i dissolved dry yeast into warm water…it didnot get frothy even after 10 min of standing.the only yeast i got here was Solar brand.

    2.我的面团在揉了5个小时后也没有变大。(i am in Delhi NCR…so i had left the dough at room temperature…as ambient temperatures are very high these days)

    三。I have a convection microwave oven with max temp as 200 deg centigrade.So I preheated the oven to this and tried cooking the pizza baking it for 25 mins.the edges of the base did get golden brown but every part of the base underneath the toppings was uncooked.

    我几天后再试试。Planning to cook the plain base bread first and then cover it with toppings and toss it in for a few mins just for cheese to melt and toppings to cook.


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