Garden Cress Seed Kheer



They regulate the menstrual cycle and are galactogogues that increase breast milk production making them great for the post natal period.


Due to their nutritious properties, these seeds can also be used when there is weakness, to tackle aches and pains, when one is recuperating or simply to add more energy to life. They are best had 2 to 3 times a week as more than that can increase the heat or pitta in the body. When the seeds are boiled in milk, the pitta properties are balanced.




It was so delicious and I felt amazing after relishing it.

Garden Cress Seed Kheer





2 tbsp jaggery

1 cardamom pod, seeds crushed


Wash and soak the water cress seeds in water for 2 hours or overnight.

Cook the seeds in the water on low heat or until they turn translucent adding a little more water if required.

Add the milk and cook until thick and the seeds acquire a gel like consistency. Just before turning off the heat, add the jaggery and cook until it melts. Season with cardamom powder. Allow to cool and enjoy at room temperature.

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5个思考“Garden Cress Seed Kheer

  1. 这是一个非常有效的食品,就像亚麻种子。这两个与许多人一起对女性生殖激素的功能非常强大的效果,因为你已经知道,因为这些都是强烈建议老人与年龄有关的疾病和成熟的女性都在健康,妊娠,月经初潮,和的妇科问题产后问题。我的问题和值得关注的是,在使用这些与此类食品的过度热情受到十分善意的母亲和今天给这些给儿童,让无脂肪,低脂肪,高蛋白等类型的饮食以及盛大母亲&食物给孩子们都是在儿童早期和早期出现的成人病的主要原因。只要看看在2型糖尿病患者的增加,肥胖(儿童及男性特别是女性型肥胖),甲状腺功能减退,多囊性卵巢疾病,男性精子数量少,与其他异性有关的问题。难道我们不应该坚持我们的热情对这些东西和考虑民众的“漏洞”,与部分受过教育的妇女的研究懒惰和教育自己通过真正的专家和不到哪90%,几乎所有的,与特别是与健康有关的互联网信息都是错误的。
    This is what I understand based on my professional training, long term exposure to the ethnic measures from various parts of the world & just thinking deeply & analyzing these things & using COMMON SENSE
    I will like to know your opinion & take on this.

  2. Thank you for expressing your thoughts Poonam. I share similar views as yours. Infact, my mother made this for me as I'm recovering from a very bad viral attack that gave me joint pains and this is not everyday food. Infact I gave a talk yesterday in a corporate set up and one of the points I covered was the easy accessibility of information which can have negative effects if not used with discretion. That said, this is a food that is definitely not everyday food.


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